Darin and I have been friends since college, and we coach together at the Darin Owens/Christian Okoye youth football camp.

I know how strong Darin’s commitment is to helping young people and others have confidence in making their way in life.

I also know that having Darin speak to your organization would be extremely motivational and enriching. He will inspire you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of doing.”

—Christian Okoye
Former All-Pro running back for the Kansas City Chiefs

I hired Darin Owens to take over our high school football team – and this was one of the best decisions I ever made as a high school principal. Darin took the team from 23 straight losses to 11 straight victories and a State Championship.

What is equally important is the life lessons he taught the team members about expecting to win, being prepared to win, and believing.”

—Scott Miller
Former principal of Hillcrest High School
Currently principal of Skyline High School

As a former college and high school football coach, I’ve had the opportunity for years to watch Darin inspire his teams to victory. And the word ‘inspire’ is key because Darin achieves his teams’ amazing results with positive inspiration instead of negative feedback.

Over the years I’ve also seen Darin display passion, high motivation, leadership and his ability to deal with change when he speaks to college audiences. I highly recommend him as a speaker for your organization.”

Picture of Dan Finfrock—Dan Finfrock

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